Old katrováním + painting TYD

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Mechanical and chemical process, creating new planks, beams and timbers of the old wood in the dimension needed. The surface is adapted and also actually Zoxidován as in wood exposed to long years of weatherproofing-the process is only accelerated by the coating of TYD, which umožńuje to make an old one in various color variations. The mechanical katrováním is performed by the pilováním and the surface is then polished. The surface can be further painteded, oiled, etc. if necessary. A more affordable and full-fledged alternative to recycled old wood. However, the advantage is the possibility to choose the dimension and not to risk pulling dřevokazných biological forms. Indoor and outdoor use, dry and crude soft or medium wood suitable e.g. For the classic assortment of pen + dražka (decks, podlahovky, etc.), beams and atypical assortment of saws. Tree species suitable for the following: Spruce, Nordic spruce, pine, Siberian pine, larch, European, Siberian larch other woody species on request